Calender Event “Visit South Sulawesi 2012”

South Sulawesi government incentive to promote the region in the fields of culture, nature and art. Because of that, government make that the schedule event will be held in South Sulawesi. Some of them are pre-eminent event. So, what are you waiting for to come to South Sulawesi?

Indonesia Channel
South Sulawesi Art and Culture Festival
Kemilau Sulawesi 2012
Chinese Nusantara Festival
International Dragon Boat Festival
Tana Toraja Dan Toraja Utara
Tour de Toraja
Lovely December 2012
Luwu Utara dan Toraja Utara
International Rafting Open
Asean Youth Camping
Phinisi Festival
Butterfly Exotic
Bajo Festival
Kep. Selayar
International Fishing Tournament
Sail Takabonerate 2012

This is the completed calender event of South Sulawesi 2012.. download calender event Visit South Sulawesi 2012 

Calender Event Visit South Sulawesi 2012

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