About Me

Hi there! Assalamualaikum

My name is Atrasina Adlina, but most people called me Adlien or Adhie for sure. I’m graduated from Hasanuddin University and currently, I’m a master student at Wageningen University, Netherlands.

I like to travel, explore and talk with people. My passion is the ocean and the local community. This is my personal blog and most of all I wrote about my journey and my experience while I’m traveling around the world. I love to share my opinion and my thoughts. Even sometimes it’s not related to travel, but worth to share.

If you want to know my experience and expertise in Linkedin . Or you can see what I’m doing on my Instagram. I hope I can be a Marine Expertise in Entrepreneur in the future. I really want to try a shrimp and lele aquafarm in Indonesia. wish me luck!


PS. Kalau ada yang ingin ditanyakan, bisa tanyakan dibawah ini ya. 😉





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