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My name is Atrasina Adlina, but most people called me Adlien or Adhie. I’m graduated from Hasanuddin University, and currently, I’m a master’s student at Wageningen University, Netherlands.

I like to travel, explore and talk with people. My passion is the ocean and the local community. In my blog, most of all, I wrote about my journey and my experience while I’m travelling around the world. I love to share my opinion and thoughts. Even sometimes, it’s not related to travel, but worth sharing.

If you want to know my experience and expertise on Linkedin. Or you can see what I’m doing on my Instagram. I hope I can be a Marine Expertise in Entrepreneur in the future. I want to try a shrimp and lele aquafarm in Indonesia. Wish me luck!

Below is some of my experience in blogging and become a winner of finalist :

  • Lamun Musnah, Ekosistem Punah


  • Ternyata Pakaian Punya Dampak Bagi Lingkungan


  • Lets Read Menelusuri Jejak Nusantara


  • Nyanyian Sendu Sang Kupu-kupu


  • List Barang-barang Bayi yang Benar-benar terpakai


Lomba Tulisan dalam gelaran #KompetiSEA2

Potret Muram ABK Perikanan di Indonesia – https://lautsehat.id/kompetisea-2/adlien/potret-muram-abk-perikanan-di-indonesia-2/

Gelaran Lomba Menulis Lensa Mina 2022

“Hantu itu Berbentuk Jaring Ikan” – https://www.minapoli.com/info/hantu-itu-berbentuk-jaring-ikan

PS. Kalau ada yang ingin ditanyakan, bisa tanyakan dibawah ini ya. 😉