Study in United States Institute for Global Environmental Issues (GEI) 2013. Hmmm. I just want to share what I get from that program. 
First of all what I get is FRIENDS!! We all from different countries. 5 countries. Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Island and Fiji Island. When I arrived at Hale Manoa, I met Ana, Lilian from Fiji. They are MARINE SCIENCE student! From this person, I realized that Marine Science is a good subject. hahaha. Then I met the others. They are a future environmental leaders. I so proud to have a chance to meet them. It was a honor. 
Besides of them, I make a many friends. Thank to Allah SWT. 😀
the last day at Hawaii, Participatory Workshop
When we went to Kualoa ranch
This is when we plant the taro 
We had a interview with journalist from Colorado newspaper
Have a good time after firework (Aloha celebration)
Hiking with Eka (from Timor Leste)
after we had pitch at Holiday
Second, I got a new experiences. Be a team leader for international group. (that’s hard but nice memories). Try to speak everyday with different language than my mother tongue. and then, I had a good ”parent” working from Air Force (she’s a TRAVELLER).. hmmm. what else?? I tried SNOW! that’s the best part.. Frisbee is also nice game for me. I hope I have frisbee in Indonesia. 
this is the first time i touched the snow.. yeaayyy. XD
This is the first time I try Rafting in the very cold river (melting snow)
Me and Fafa, looks scary..
this is my parent, Nelda Peterson. She is wonderful lady. I try many things from her. 
this is my friends from Indonesia. they are so nice. love them… 
this is when we had final participatory workshop at Hawaii.
Third, I met a environmental leader in Hawaii and Colorado. Sarah Dawn Haynes, David Steinmann, Eric Lombardi, and Vicki Goldstein. But Vicki Goldstein is very memorable. Because she made something new and out of the box, Colorado Ocean Coalition.. Colorado don’t have an ocean, but Vicki thinks not just that. She prevent the river from the trash, because she believe the water from the river will flow to the ocean. 
With Vicki Goldstein, at Starbucks
With David Steinmaan wife
Fourth, I try new food. Greek, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, China, Italia, India, Hawaii, Bangkok, Spanish, America, and also Indonesia foods. They’re good. I want to try India, Spanish and Bangkok food again, if I can.. I miss my Empasadas.. 
try the Greek food. the taste is very “different” with my Indonesian tongue.. 
try Korea food. hmmm. not bad.. 😀
Fifth, I learned about war history and try to make a better world with peace. If I be a leader, I don’t want to repeat the bad history. 
went to Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. 
Went to Vietnamese Monument at National Mall, Washington DC
Sixth, I found a family here.. at Hale Manoa, I found a little family. They cook for us and celebrate when we coming and go back to Indonesia. thanks to Kakak-kakak (brother’s) at 9 floor. Your meal is very good. hehehe. 😀 

Okay, this is my first post with english. so, if I had a mistakes, please forgive me. hahaha 
(learn to write something in English and publish it..)
Makassar. August 4, 2013

SUSI GEI 2013, my unforgettable memories

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