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Kualleangi Tallanga Natowalia  – Bugis Proverb
“Sekali Layar Terkembang Pantang Biduk Surut Ke Pantai”
In some ways, traditional culture and modern culture are alike. Any culture is a system of learned and shared meanings. People learn and share things over the course of generations, and so we say they are a culture. Traditional and modern culture function similarly because both are ways of thinking, ways of relating to people and to the universe.
A modern-culture Bugis Makassar movie, titled “Uang Pana’i” released last week. Uang Pana’i is money given by a party man to propose to the woman. The film went on to be one of the best-selling movie in this week in Indonesia. The love story of man who should be stuck in culture. For the Bugis people, marriage is not only brings together two beings under sacred promise of marriage. But rather to marry the two large families who participate bring identity and social status.
Stories about Anca, Bugis people who fall in love with his ex-girlfriend, Risna. Their accidentally in Port of Soekarno Hatta perpetuate Anca desire to marry Risna. But apparently their love story just like Romeo and Juliet. When they want to perpetuate the relationship within the bonds of marriage, culture which make them difficult to realize their dream.
Actually Uang Pana’i not be the obstacle people to get married , but because this culture coupled with the modern culture . In this time, the meaning of Uang Pana’i also had a shift in meaning. Uang Pana’i considered to be a status symbol of a family. If the parents are rich, and their daughter hold Master Degree, should have Uang Pana’i more than one hundred million Rupiahs. If the parents doesn’t ask for this Uang Pana’i, their surroundings will talk about them behind. Anca as Bugis people need to proved his promise to marry Risna whatever it takes, even to collect one hundred million Rupiah for Uang Pana’i.
sumber : disini
Marriage in Bugis custom made ​​boxes among men, rich and poor. However there are also benefits in modern times . Uang panai’ reflects how people in Indonesia respect and do not underestimate marriage. By making uang panai’ as culture in South Sulawesi, makes people think well before they get married. Struggles and sacrifices to earn money for uang panai’ leads people to a point where they think that marriage is not a simple and a little thing. As we all know that nowadays people do not respect marriage anymore. There are a lot of people that seems to take marriage as a joke. They marry then divorce and marry again and divorce again. It is like they think marriage is a little thing that they can do over and over again. With the existence of uang panai’, especially as a marriage culture of Indonesia, makes people to be more respect marriage.
Consequently, it will prevent marriage more than one time, such as polygamy. Getting married one time is hard enough and requires a lot of struggles, so people will definitely think carefully to get married again. These days, a lot of people do polygamy, even though they cannot be fair to their wives. It happens because they think that marriage is something that easy to be done. Uang panai’ could be the reason for the decreasing of polygamy or marriage and divorce because there is a requirement to fulfill. Thus, uang panai’ change their mindset about marriage and see it as a sacred thing.
From this movie, young people can learn about one of the wedding tradition in Indonesia. That culture has two blades , he could be dangerous but contains pleasures in the end. This movie contains the values ​​of culture can be reproduced in the future. Quality movie product with cultural value is needed today because of the difficulty of studying history. Many young people do not learn their history from conventional format like history book, song, picture etc. So that the teaching of history must be brought into digital format more attractive, like a movie.
You should watch this movie. If you don’t understand Makassarnese, this movie put Bahasa Indonesia subtitle. 🙂
ditulis ketika lagi mau belajar bahasa Inggris yang menghabiskan waktu sekitar 5 jam menulis. Gila! susahnya mi
18:07 WIB 14 September 2016
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Learn Culture From a Movie (Uang Pana’i Movie)

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  1. blm sempat nnton ini filmnya hehehe… pdahl sebnarnya wajib bagi pria bugis ini..
    semoga saja efeknya ini film nda naik betul uang pannai, atau malah semakin tinggi karena film ini.

    salam kenal 🙂

  2. Hai Kak Adi, salam kenal juga. heheh. jangan sampai, kasian lah perempuan Bugis. semoga mereka menemukan jodohnya tanpa harus menunggu uang panaik terkumpul 1000 juta. aaminn..

    Salam kenal juga kak

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